Monday, February 12, 2018

The Water Princess

Bring in coins for the 2017-2018 Ryan's Well school challenge to raise money for water in Kenya.

The Water Princess by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter Reynolds, is one of 10 books nominated to receive the Maine Chickadee Book Award. Although it is a fiction story it is based on real life model, Georgie Badiel, who grew up in a village in Africa called Goundi, in the country of Burkina Faso. In Africa, many people have to walk great distances to get water. They then have to carry the water back to their homes where it has to be boiled to get rid of the contaminants. That water is used to wash clothes, bathe, to prepare food, and for drinking. Very often the water makes people sick. 
Burkina Faso
We can help the people of Africa get clean water by helping them to dig wells. These two organizations are working towards making this happen.

Real life model, Georgie Badiel.

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