Sunday, April 5, 2015

Birds, Birds, Birds

Watch author and illustrator Philip C. Stead at work below.

Bird Identification Coloring Page LINK
Made by Joel Duck Coloring Page LINK

Do you know what a webcam is?  
A webcam takes video in real time and gives us a "birds-eye view" into bird nests and feeders.  Here are some links for you to explore.  

Great Horned Owl Webcam LINK
Puffin Project Webcams LINK
Bird Webcams around the world! LINK

Learn about Olivia Bouler and her work to save birds in the Gulf.  LINK

Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat and get certified for your efforts. LINK

Remember your internet safety rules:
  • Only go places with an adult.
  • Don't wander off.
  • Stick with sites that are just right for kids.